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What is SEO anyway? It stands for search engine optimization. It is by definition, the process of increasing the perceived quality and quantity of a  website's or web-page's traffic by increasing the visibility of that website or web-page. It is refers to all efforts to increase the rank of a website or web-page on search engine in-order to increase traffic. It is a process of making a web-page or website more relevant to search queries in-order that it attracts more relevant traffic.

We are all less worried when we can control the outcome of something. But when we cannot control the outcome, it will be something else. Off page refers to different ways which affect the way a web page or a website is ranked based on factors which are not on the page. This may include back-links, promotion, social media presence, word of mouth and etc.

It is no secret that many companies struggle to do well on search engines because they fail to get the factors that affect off-page seo right. In this case Empire Online Services Is here to help.