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Empire Online Services is an online based business that provides quality website designing, website development, online marketing, I.T consultancy and other online services to various businesses. The company focuses on providing these online services to professionals and to companies that provide business to business and business to consumer products and services.

This website therefore serves as our primary marketplace and advertising tool for the products and services that we offer. Our active and prospective clients can get in touch with us through this website day and night. We are here to help you to have this same unbroken connection with your own clients as well as service and product providers.

Empire Online Services as a business and service provider draws on the experience and education  of its founders who have a lot of on-the-job experience in online marketing and web designing. This experience has provided the skills necessary to support business operations and technical aspects of an online based business as well as skills needed in the design and development of products for our clients.

Our Clientele

Our clientele consists of business to business companies, business to consumer companies, non profit organizations and professionals who are looking to promote their services and products online as well as other web designers and developers who may want to also draw from our knowledge and skills by subcontracting specific tasks.